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Wes Allen, or Webster, is sitting at the no. 5 Blacklist spot.


[edit] Bio

Webster's always talking about rides, performance, racers, blah, blah, blah. Won't shut up. He's got some crazy idea that he's gonna make it big. When he ain't street racing he's hanging out at shops. His ride is tuned to the max. Apparently the interior is stripped of everything that isn't related to speed!

Webster is racing with his Chevrolet Corvette C6 and his pursuit strength is Escaping Pursuits, we suppose so because of his speed obsession.

[edit] Boss Prerequisites

Race Wins: 7
Completed Milestones: 5
Total Bounty: $4,050,000

[edit] Race Tracks

Sprint: Valley & State
Circuit: Waterfront / Gray Point
Lap Knockout: Chancellor Way / Industrial Front
Speedtrap: Terminal & Financial / Hwy 99 / Green & Fairmont

[edit] Boss Races

Drag: Rosewood & Heritage
Speedtrap: Dunwich & Hills / Petersburg & Hwy 201
Cash Prize: $54,000
This racer is part of the Blacklist in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Preceded by
Hector Domingo 'Ming'
This is the 5th racer in
the Blacklist
Succeeded by
Joe Vega 'JV'

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