Volkswagen Golf R32

Volkswagon Golf R32
Vw r32.jpg
Game AppearancesNeed for Speed: Carbon, Need for Speed: Pro Street, Need for Speed: Undercover
TierTier 2
Top Speed146 MPH (estimated)
0-60 MPH5.9 seconds (estimated)
Engine3.2 Liter V6
Power246 BHP


[edit] General

The Volkswagen Golf R32 has appeared in Carbon, Pro Street, and Undercover, and it replaces the Volkswagen Golf GTI that was used in previous games. It delivers fair speed and fantastic hadling. It is also one of better looking cars in the game, especially as far as hatchbacks go.

[edit] Need For Speed: Carbon

This game was the R32's chance to make an impression, and it didn't disappoint, as it is certainly one of the best Tier 2 cars. But it doesn't get much attention as the gamer might keep their Tier 2 car until the AI switches to Tier 3 cars, so the R32 does get left behind a little.

Tier 2 Rating - 5/5

Tier 3 Rating - 4/5

[edit] Need For Speed: ProStreet

[edit] Verdict: ***

This car isn't very impressive in Pro Street. Not only is it rarely driven by the AI, but for a similar price, an RX-7 can be purched. It will be useful for Grip and Speed events, though. It's also better than than the Golf GTI in Grip and Drag events.

[edit] Need for Speed: Undercover

This is one of the cars you can get for a pinkslip at the start of the game, but I highly suggest to not take it. Its stats may appear to be good, but its acceleration slows a lot at about 120 mph and it has terrible handling.

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