Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTI
Golf GTI.jpg(as seen in ProStreet)
Game AppearancesMost Wanted, Pro Street
Top Speed147 MPH
0-60MPH5.3 seconds


[edit] Need For Speed: Most Wanted

[edit] Verdict: *****

The Golf is probably the best car that you can start out with which is already unlocked. It's $8,000 more than the Cobalt SS, though. The Golf's Top Speed and Handling levels are higher than the Cobalt SS, but its Acceleration level is lower. The car is driven by the No. 15 on the Blacklist, Sonny.

[edit] Need For Speed: Pro Street

[edit] Verdict: ***

This Volkswagen can be obtained by purchasing it at the car lot, winning it from a Challenge Race Day at Battle Machine, or by entering "zerozerozero" at the Secret Codes option in the Career mode. It's a good car for Grip and Drag events on the Easy and Medium AI difficulty, but it's a great beginner car for Speed events if you can't afford the Elise. If I could explain this car in one sentence, it is a way better car than the Golf R32.

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