Vauxhall Monero VXR

Vauxhall Monero VXR
Game AppearancesNeed For Speed Most Wanted and Need For Speed Carbon
Top Speed170mph (approx)
Engine6.0 Liter V8

[edit] Overview

In Most Wanted the Vahxall VXR is pretty pointless due to the fact that in the game in is identical to the Pontiac GTO . There is a whole world of power behind that V8 but the weight balance is poor, it is very heavy and has a tendency to under steer. It is still a good car and could be very easily used up until Ming in Most Wanted. It is pretty much the same in story in Carbon . It can be used up until Silverton and is a middle of the road car that isn't really know for any particular traits.

[edit] Police Use

Although never confirmed, it is possible that it is used in Most Wanted and Carbon as a Police car. Seen at heat level 3 in both games,it could also be a GTO.

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