Touge is the Japanese word for "pass". It can be sometimes used to refer to mountain passes specifically or any small, tight, curvy, road which occurs naturally around mountains.

It sometimes gets crossed with racing in general used to mean any type of street racing. This however is not its intended usage.

Touge's are used by street racers to race Touge Battles, races that use the short straights and hard turns to push a car to its limits as far as handling.

Touge Battles are usually fought in the format popularized in Initial D:

Bumper to bumper rolling start, lead car pulls away it wins, chase car close the gap it wins.

Usually there is both an up hill portion and a down hill portion with the cars switching places for each segment.

The other style used is the side by side start where both cars start side by side and the one to the end first wins.

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