Totalling your car is when you do so much damage to your car that you cannot race with it anymore.

[edit] Need for Speed: Underground

In Need for Speed: Underground you total by crashing into other cars whilst drag racing.

A totaled car in ProSteet

[edit] Need for Speed: Underground 2

On Need for Speed: Underground 2 the only way to total your car is in drag if you crash or blow your engine.

[edit] Need for Speed: Most Wanted

In Need for Speed: Most Wanted you total car by crashing into anything during a drag race.

[edit] Need for Speed: Carbon

In Need for Speed: Carbon you could total your car on a canyon event by driving it off the side of the track at certain points. You could also total Police cars with Pursuit Breakers.

[edit] Need for Speed: ProStreet

In Need for Speed: ProStreet, you can now total your car at any time if you crash and other cars you are competing against can be totaled. In a drag race you can blow your engine, crash and total or have an early start.

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