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[edit] Categorization and Sub Categories

Given the nature of this series I just ask that everyone read through the following literature and take it all into account when creating and organizing pages.

[Best Practice: Categories & SubCategories]

Optimal organization would be required for the best integration into neo, as well as being just a general good practice.

That in mind- I just wanted to give a few points for the direction of this wiki:

  • Category:Cars should have subcategories referencing each individual game- which then would contain the cars themselves
  • Category:Characters should have subcategories referencing each individual game the characters appear in.
  • Same applies for Tracks

Note- Pages can appear in more than one category.
I would be more than happy to get in contact with any of the NFS staff to help and advise. My Contact Info is below:
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: deathsythe neo

or you can find me on IRC from time to time, and I always respond to NeoPMs.

Best of Luck!

-Deathsythe 12:49, 29 August 2008 (UTC)

I started doing that :)

-R1DDL3S 9:31, 29 August (GMT-6)

Yeah I have too.


[edit] Contest

I am contemplating making a Header Contest for the wiki in the future, post here if you would like this or are happy with the current header, any suggestions or feedback can go here or you can PM me.


[edit] Main Page

Just a thought but how come the Text on the left hand side of the main page is like half way down before it starts? Can't seem to put it back, that's if it is meant to be.

- The Rock 13

Yeah it's odd I've contacted Deathsythe about it and said he'd take a look.

- TheViperX

[edit] Text near banner

Is it just me or is the "Welcome to the Need for Speed Neowiki!" being cut off a bit at the bottom?

And also below the "main pages" section there seems to be a white zone.


I see nothing untoward with the main page since Deathsythe fixed it.

- TheViperX

OK I logged on with someone else's laptop and that happened it has to the screen you're viewing it on.

- TheViperX

OK. I think i have found a way to fix it but not sure if it will work. It looks fine on the preview but i don't know if it will be different on other peoples screens.

EDIT- Fixed it.

- iReaperX

Works great on my good computer, and the laptop I fore mentioned. Great work Reaper

- Viper

[edit] Unprotect the main page

Can someone please unprotect the main page so I can make some necessary edits.

Thank You. -Deathsythe 13:39, 2 October 2008 (UTC)


- Viper

I've re-protected it, if you need anything else just say so.

- Viper

[edit] Need For Speed: Undercover (Info Box)

As you may see the main picture in the info box is rather big. Could nayone resize the image perhaps?

The Rock 13


- Reaper

Changed image the the front cover.

- Kamikaze

[edit] Links in pages

Can all contributors please remember to add in links to other pages if a page is missing them!

- Reaper

Deadendpages shows all of them


I meant with pages that already have links, but could have more in them.