Ho Seun, or Sonny, is Blacklist racer no. 15 and the first person you race for the Blacklist.

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[edit] Bio

"This here is Sonny. He's dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride is worked so don't be fooled, it's a rocket. He does anything he can to get a hold of parts before they hit the streets."

Sonny drives a Volkswagen Golf GTI, which really isn't that hard to beat. His strength is circuit races, so be careful.

[edit] Stats

[edit] Boss Prerequisites

Race Wins: 3
Completed Milestones: 3
Total Bounty: 20,000

[edit] Race Tracks

Diamond & Union (Sprint)
Hickley Field (Lap Knockout)
Ironwood Estates (Circuit)

[edit] Milestones

Trade Paint
Bounty: $5,000
Tag a minimum of 2 police vehicles and evade.
Pursuit Evasion
Bounty: $5,000
Evade a police pursuit in less than 4 minutes.
Pursuit Time Challenge
Bounty: $5,000
Get into a police pursuit lasting at least 2 minutes and evade.
Photo Ticket
Bounty: $4,000
Get clocked at over 80 MPH through a certain point on the map.

[edit] Boss Races

Circuit: Campus Way / Highlands
Cash Prize: $5,000

[edit] Unlocks

You unlock these when you defeat Sonny.

[edit] Cars

This racer is part of the Blacklist in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Preceded by
This is the 15th racer in
the Blacklist
Succeeded by
Vince Kilic 'Taz'
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