Skyline Avenue


Skyline Avenue is a circuit that is 5.3 miles long. It is a very high speed circuit that will favor the Muscle class.

[edit] Useful Shortcuts and Pursuit Breakers

[edit] Shortcuts

1. After the first corner, look out for the shortcut on the left. Watch out, as this is hard to use perfectly.

2. When you leave the main city a bit after the first shortcut, look for the path on the left.

3. On the entrance of the last corner, take the tunnel on the left.

[edit] Pursuit Breakers

1. Near the second shortcut, try to hit the shelter on the right.

2. After the first Pursuit Breaker, Look out for the tall tower on the right.

3. On the outside of the last hairpin, try to hit the shelter on the right.

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