Shelby GT500 1967


[edit] Need For Speed: Pro Street

Shelby GT500 '67.jpg

[edit] Stats

Tier - 1
Cost - 125,000
Top Speed- 132 MPH
0-60 mph - 6.8 seconds
0-100 mph - 28.2 seconds
Drivetrain - RWD
Max Power - 355 bhp @ 5,448 RPM
Max Torque - 420 lb. ft. @ 2,419 RPM

[edit] Verdict:*

The price of this car is very expansive and isn’t worth it. Is has very slow acceleration and with limited top speed. Off the start line, it is all right, but it cannot go round corners with mixes of understeer and oversteer.

[edit] Need for Speed: Undercover

It's the cheapest Tier 2 car ($135,000), but its pretty good. With max performance parts and a bit of tuning, its got acceleration that's equal or better than Tier 1 cars. Its only weakness is its speed, only 199 mph with max performance parts. But overall, it's cheap and a lot better than it was in Pro Street.

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