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Ronald McCrea, or, "Ronnie," is the first person you race out of Razor's gang. He sits at #3 on the Blacklist.

[edit] Bio

You know Ronnie. He's on of those rich freaks that thinks he's ghetto. He definitely ain't from around that way. He got his car as a graduation gift from his parents. Don't be fooled though this guy knows how to drive. He's been to every race school you can think of.

Ronnie drives an Irish version Aston Martin DB9 and his strength is Immobilizing Police Vehicles.. He first starts out the game racing in a Toyota Supra, but switches to the DB9 once you face him on the Blacklist.

Ronnie, this guy is brave enough to race you, even if your strong enough to race him. His supra got some engine under the hood but the ASTON MARTIN DB9 well its not just some engine, It has every engine he can buy to make it work, his machine is a rocket that goes over 250 km/h.Watch out for this guy, his....... dangerous. you'll get your chance if you beat blacklist #4 JV

[edit] Stats

Boss Prerequisites

Race Wins: 8
Completed Milestones: 5
Total Bounty: $5,500,000

Race Tracks

Sprint: Seagate & Camden / Bond & Forest Green / Hwy 99 & Projects
Circuit: Omega & Industries
Drag: Boardwalk & Bayshore
Lap Knockout: Riverside / College Switchback
Speedtrap: Heritage & Warrant / Masterson & Route 55
Tollbooth: Petersburg Projects / Petersburg & Project / Wharf & North Bay

Boss Races

Sprint: Seaside & Lennox
Circuit: Bay Bridge / Camden Tunnel
Cash Prize: $60,000
This racer is part of the Blacklist in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Preceded by
Joe Vega 'JV'
This is the 3rd racer in
the Blacklist
Succeeded by
Toru Sato 'Bull'

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