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Clarence Callahan, or Razor, sits on the very top of the Blacklist. He awaits your challenge...

[edit] Bio

Razor rocketed to the top of the Blacklist using your ride. Now he's holding it down and rolling the streets like he owns them. He'll do anything he can to give himself an edge. That includes messing with your head. Remember, you can't trust anything he says.

Razor originally drove his own Ford Mustang GT, then he acquired your BMW M3 GTR. His strength is everything, so watch out.

Razor is a stubborn and cocky person who will try anything to win such as cheating at the start of the game. He can be very deceiving but whenever cops turn up, Razor is always the first to get out of danger.

Razor cheats at racing, like when he sabotage your ride in the first place to win your car, he drove a Mustang GT before but now, he manages to get your M3 GTR and use it to get to #1 from #15, his strenght is everything, but the M3's handling is not as good. Watch out for Razor, Hes the baddest racer ever

[edit] Stats

Boss Prerequisites

Race Wins: 9
Completed Milestones: 5
Total Bounty: $10,000,000

Race Tracks

Sprint: Hwy 2001, Diamond Park / Industrial & Bristol / Bay Bridge & Seaside
Circuit: Hastings
Lap Knockout: Smuggler's Wharf
Spedtrap: Union Row & Seaside / Ironhorse & Bristol
Tollbooth: Route 55 & Chase / Petersburg & Camden / Marine & Lennox

Boss Races

Sprint: Forest Green / Clubhouse & Lennox
Circuit: Clubhouse
Drag: Terrace & Riverside
Speedtrap: Warrent
Cash Prize: Squat
This racer is part of the Blacklist in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
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Toru Sato 'Bull'
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