Police Pursuit

[edit] Background


Police pursuits in Carbon are much more advanced than previous need for speeds. It works by your "Heat level". The more heat the more advanced cars and tactics are used against you. Pursuit Breakers can be used in Pursuits and are helpful for losing the Police. The only way to evade a pursuit is for the Police to lose visual on you and you then enter Cooldown mode.

[edit] Heat levels

[edit] Level 1

Need For Speed police.jpg

Cars: Civic cruisers

Roadblocks: N/A

[edit] Level 2

Cars: Undercover civic cruisers

Roadblocks: Yes

[edit] Level 3

Cars: State Pursuit vehicle, Rhino SUV
SUV Light

Roadblocks: Yes

[edit] Level 4

NFS Police.jpg

Cars Undercover state pursuit vehicle, SUV Rhino, Pursuit Helicopter
SUV Heavy

Roadblocks: Yes with Spikes

[edit] Level 5

Cars: Federal Pursuit Vehicle
Cross - Special Corvette
SUV heavy

Roadblocks: Yes with Spikes

[edit] Level 6

Cars: Undercover Federal Pursuit Vehicle, SUV Heavy, State Pursuit Vehicle, Undercover State Vehicle, Civic Cruiser, Undercover Civic Cruiser, Cross, Pursuit Helicopter. In Need For Speed: Carbon only Civic Cruisers and Cross' Street Racing Unit appear, but they will be in large numbers.

Roadblocks: Yes with Spikes. In Need For Speed: Carbon, the roadblocks do not have spikes.

[edit] Level 7 (Most Wanted Black Edition Challenge and Carbon Collector's Edition Challenge Exclusive)

Cars: Supercharged SUV Rhino (Need For Speed: Carbon comes with Undercover Corvettes as well)

Roadblocks: Yes (with Spikes in Need For Speeed: Carbon)

[edit] Level 8 (Carbon Collector's Edition Challenge Exclusive)

Cars: Supercharged SUV Rhino, Undercover Federal Pursuit Vehicle, Undercover State Pursuit Vehicle, Light SUV Rhino, Heavy SUV Rhino, Civic Cruiser (very rare)

Roadblocks: Yes with Spikes.

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