Palmont City

Palmont City is the fictional city in which Need for Speed: Carbon is set. The city is divided into four sections Downtown, Kempton, Fortuna & Silverton.

[edit] Downtown

Downtown Palmont is based on the cities San Francisco, Los Angeles & San Diego. It has a lot of High Rise buildings and tight turns designed for the Tuner car class. It is controlled by Kenji's Bushido. Downtown is represented by the green section on the map.

[edit] Fortuna

Fortuna is home to Wolf's TFK crew with tight turns & elevations. The section of Palmont is influenced by East Los Angeles, Santa Monica & Beverly Hills. Fortuna is the blue section to the on the left of the map.

[edit] Kempton

Kempton is Palmont's industrial area with a lot of factories and long flat stretches of road designed for the Muscle car class based on Long Beach. It is controlled by Angie's 21st Street. Kempton is the sandy coloured section to the south of the map.

[edit] Silverton

Silverton is at the northern part of the city and home to the Stacked Deck crew. Heavily influenced by Las Vegas it has a lot of casinos, plus a little bit of everything from the other areas. Silverton is the red part of the map.

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