North Road


North Road is where you first battle Kenji on the streets. It is 6 miles long and you do two laps round it. The track is Low speed and suited to the Tuner class.

[edit] Useful Shortcuts and Pursuit Breakers

[edit] Shortcuts

1. Just after you turn off the motorway, drive straight through the chicane.

2. You have two choices here.
A. You can turn off to the left.
B. You can wait to you see the shortcut that will let you cut the hairpin on the inside. I would recommend this one be used with Speed breaker.

3. After you have passed under the motorway, and into the low speed part, keep to the left and go through the barrier.

[edit] Pursuit Breakers

1. After you come out of Chinatown, keep to the right and hit the tyre.

2. Right at the end of the lap, hit the dinosaur on the left.

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