Nitrous is a boost of speed that is used in races that has been featured in most Need For Speeds. Nitrous is built up and used differently in different games.

[edit] Need For Speed: Underground 2

Nitrous is given to you by doing near misses with other cars, air time and Drifing. Nitrous can be used at any time and you can use how much you want.

[edit] Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Nitrous is built back up during the race automaticly. You can use any amount of it at any point in the race.

[edit] Need For Speed: Carbon

Nitrous is built up automatically during the race, you can use nitrous at any point in the race.

[edit] Need For Speed: Prostreet

Nitrous upgrades can be bought for your car. Cars start off with no nitrous, but you can get up to three tanks of it. Nitrous can only be used in a whole tank and not in small amounts. Nitrous is automatically recharged during the race.

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