Nikki is a drafter and a mechanic. She always drives a Ford GT and joins you after you have beaten the first 3 bosses.

[edit] Bonuses

[edit] Race bonus

50% boost to speed breaker and Nitrous.

[edit] Career bonus

10% discount on all car purchases.

Nikki is probably a crew member you should pick as soon as you unlock her since shes pretty fast and the 10% discount is nice. She's also useful for your 1st few races in silverton since you will have to drive a tier 2 car against tier 3s until you unlock the tier 3 car you want. She hated the player for apparently walking out on her, and after hearing from Colin that the red bag was switched, she tried in vain to confront Darius about what was going on, then hurriedly jumped into the player's car to be taken to the location of the race where he fled Palmont. Thinking back, she remembers a guy holding her down, and she believed he was protecting her, but the guy had the same bag, and she asks the player why he never told her about the missing money before seeing Cross watching at a distance.

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