Nevada Highway

Nevada Highway map.jpg

[edit] Speed

Nevada Highway is a very technical track. It has 6 different layouts . You race round here when you verse the speed king and the street king. It is the most challenging speed event on the game. The poles and the cliffs surrounding the track mean that if you go off line, you will Total your car.

[edit] Grip

Nevada grip track.jpg

The Nevada grip races are easy with some of it on road and a couple of times off road. It is easy to learn and hard to have a big crash on. This is the first circuit you properly race on and is no real challenge.

[edit] Drift

Nevada drift track.jpg

You rarely in the game Drift in Nevada but it is simple to win and you can total your car in some of the events easily if you get it wrong. The telephone poles always get in the way though and slow you down a lot if you crash into them.

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