Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals
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The Need for Speed Cover
Developer(s)Ghost Games
Release DatesPlayStation 4
NA: 15 November 2013
EU: 29 November 2013
Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
NA: 19 November 2013
AU: 21 November 2013
EU: 22 November 2013
Xbox One
NA: 22 November 2013
EU: 22 November 2013
ModesSingle Player
PlatformsPC, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

[edit] Background

Welcome to Redview County, where a street-racing rivalry between cops and racers never stops as both sides push the limits to win followers and support in an all-out media war.

[edit] Game Play

  • Defeat your rivals by any means necessary

Racers are lone wolves out for their own glory; driving agile cars built for high speed racing and epic chases. Cops work in teams to hunt down and bust racers using the full power of the police force.

Switch roles whenever you like, and watch the stakes grow through a new scoring system that puts your speed points on the line letting you push how far you’ll go for greater rewards.

[edit] Features

  • Destroying the line between singleplayer and multiplayer

New in Need for Speed Rivals, All-Drive destroys the line between singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay. Seamlessly join a world where your friends are already racing and chasing. No lobbies. No waiting.

Paths cross and experiences merge, creating a world where your race and your friend's pursuit collide

  • Experience speed that you can truly feel

The power of the Frostbite 3 gaming engine brings the breathtaking scope and high speed action of Redview County to life. Every detail of the game world is rendered in stunning, high definition, next generation graphics, while weather conditions constantly change as you race and chase in snow, hail, rain, dust storms and heavy fog.

Connect with the Need for Speed Network to drop roadblocks or alert friends of inbound cops. Compare your progress against your rivals and share pictures of your best races and chases.

  • Personalize your cars with performance and style

Power up your car with the latest upgrades in gadget technology and personalize your bodywork with fresh paintjobs, liveries, custom license plates, rims, and decals to show off your car to the world.

You can save different configurations and keep a variety of car packages on alert to leave your mark no matter the situation.

  • Use the latest gadgets and modifications

Intense racing moments are made even more thrilling with access to technology and upgrades customized to each side of the law.

Racers evade cops using tech such as turbos bursts, jammers and electromagnetic pulses. Cops are outfitted for aggressive busts with shockwaves, roadblocks, helicopter support and more. No matter the side you choose, use technology to stay one step ahead of your rivals.

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