Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed: Shift
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DeveloperSlightly Mad Studios
Release DateNA - September 17th 2009
EU - September 17th 2009
Race/Game Modes-
PlatformsPlaystation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Windows
Graphics Engine-


[edit] Background

Need for Speed: Shift is aimed towards hardcore gamers and opts to focus on simulation racing rather than Need for Speed's usual arcade racing style found in games such as Most Wanted.

As for the game's car customization, it will be both visual and performance. It will also be possible to customize both the inside and the outside of the cars. The game will also have as well as fictional tracks, real ones such as Brands Hatch. Drifting has been announced to return to the game, but there is no information on other game modes as of yet.

[edit] Gameplay

Shift brings back the simulation racing styles from Need for Speed: ProStreet, again off the streets and on closed circuits, police absent from Shift just as they were from ProStreet.

Shift also sees the return of the in car view, allowing the player to view the game from the eyes of a driver. The interior of the cars are highly detailed and help create a more immersing driving experience. Using the in car view, the player can see the driver steering the wheel, changing gears, side mirror, etc.

Crashes also play a part in the game, by crashing hard enough, the screen will grey up slightly and also blur to help recreate the effect of the driver's disorientation after a crash, only adding to the realism. Damage also affects the car cosmetically and performance wise, so it's good to avoid crashing into walls and other objects, a little trading pain with opponents won't hurt.

The career mode of Shift begins with the player beginning a race and attempting to win, in doing so the player and their team gain enough cash to purchase a vehicle of their own and begin their career. The career's main objective is to work through the tiers and get to the pinnacle of racing, the NFS World Tour.

The way of moving up tiers is by obtaining stars from races, they are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and other objectives such as staying on the racing line, mastering corners, and obtaining large enough amounts of Driver Profile points.

[edit] Car List

Need for Speed: Shift contains over 60 cars, which range from the Ford Focus ST up to much more powerful cars such as the Bugatti Veyron. For a full list of the cars, see the Need for Speed: Shift Car List.

[edit] Tracks

Autopolis International Racing Course
Ambush Canyon
Brands Hatch
Ebisu Circuit
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Nurburgring Nordschleife
Road America
Rustle Creek
Circuit de Spa Francorchamps
Willow Springs

[edit] Points System

Need for Speed: Shift features a point system to gain driver levels within the game. There are two sections to earn points from, precision moves or aggression moves.

[edit] Precision

  • Perfect Launch
Perfect launch is timing your revs before the green light to hit the sweet spot and get a little boost of speed at the start.
  • Speed Threshold
Reaching certain speeds for the cars and tracks within the race.
  • Racing Line
Have some part of your car on or close to the racing line shown on the track.
  • Corners Mastered
There are 4 parts to mastering a corner, keeping speed through the turn, not sliding out the back end of the car, staying on the track, and sticking to the racing line through the corner.
  • Clean Overtake
Overtake an opponent without making contact with their car.
  • Clean Sector
Each race track is divided into sectors, go through one of the sectors without running off the road or coming in contact with another car, and you'll have a clean sector.

[edit] Aggression

  • Drafting
Draft your opponent and share their wind resistance, you get points for staying behind other drivers in the race.
  • Spin Opponent
Spin your opponent around by nudging them or ramming them into spinning.
  • Tap Out Opponent
Same thing as spinning your opponent, but this time they must go off the track, and you must stay on.
  • Block Opponent
Block your opponent by getting in front of them when they try to pass you, just keep blocking them off.
  • Dirty Overtake
Overtake your opponent while making contact with them as well.
  • Corner Slide
Slide your back end out, doesn't have to be a corner, but just getting the slide going.
  • Trade Paint
Collide with another vehicle on the track, just crash into any other car you can find. You get this when you do a Dirty Overtake or Spin/Tap Out Opponent.

[edit] Reception

Shift has so far been highly praised for turning the series round and putting a lot of detail into the game. IGN gave Shift an 8.7, saying it's argubaly the best of the series but falls short of being a 10 due to factors like earning money very quickly into game.

[edit] Soundtrack

  • Buraka Som Sistemafeat. Pongolove - Kalemba (Wegue-Wegue)
  • Chase And Status feat. Plan B - Pieces
  • Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff
  • Eagles Of Death Metal - Anything ’Cept the Truth
  • Fort Knox 5 feat. Asheru - Insight (The Nextmen Remix)
  • Gallows - I Dread The Night
  • In Case Of Fire - This Time We Stand
  • Jamal - Pull Up
  • Kanye West - Paranoid (Part 2)
  • Kasabian - Underdog
  • The King Blues - The Streets Are Ours
  • Mala Rodriguez - Te Convierto
  • Mando Diao - Mean Street
  • MSTRKRFT feat. E-40 - Click Click
  • N.A.S.A. - Whachadoin? Feat. Spank Rock, MIA, Santigold and Nick Zinner
  • The Prodigy - Run With The Wolves
  • The Qemists feat Mike Patton - Lost Weekend
  • Regular John - Transmitter
  • Rootbeer - Under Control
  • Shinichi Osawa - Electro 411 (Lies In Disguise Mix)
  • Spoon Harris & Obernik - Baditude
  • TOKIO - Dogonim
  • Twisted Wheel - Oh What Have You Done
  • Two Fingers feat. Sway - High Life

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