Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted
NFS Most Wanted Cover
Developer(s)EA Black Box
Release DatesNA - November 15, 2005
EU - November 24, 2005
ModesSingle Player
PlatformsPC, Mac, 360, PS2, Xbox, NGC, GBA, NDS


[edit] Overview

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was developed by EA Black Box and was first released in the US on November 15th, 2005. This game reintroduced Police pursuits to the series and is the 4th game in the series to feature them. Most Wanted is set during the daytime, unlike the series' previous two games Underground and Underground 2.

[edit] Gameplay

Need for Speed: Most Wanted has a heavy influence by the police in the storyline. To move up the blacklist players must win races, and increase their bounty and complete milestones in pursuits to become the most notorious racer in Rockport City. It also introduces day time racing last seen in Hot Pursuit 2.

The main focus is to make it to the top of the Blacklist and defeat Razor, becoming the best, and most notorious racer in Rockport. The player must win races set by the Blacklist members, evade police pursuits and achieve milestones within those pursuit before they get a chance to challenge the next Blacklist Rival.

[edit] Race Types

  • Circuit: Very straight forward racing style, players must race around the track several times, usually 2 or 3. Position doesn't matter until crossing the finish line.
  • Lap Knockout: Exact same thing as a circuit, however the player last at the end of each lap is eliminated, so it's important to always stay one ahead of last place at the end of each lap.
  • Sprint: Sprint races are point to point, race begins at one spot, and ends in another. Simple racing mode, just be first across the finish line to win the race.
  • Drag: Drag races are short sprint races, that focus on the timing of shifting gears and avoiding collisions. Drags must be done in manual transmission, and steering consists of lane changes, rather than complete control of the car.
  • Speedtrap: Speedtraps are sprint races, with Speedtraps in certain parts of the track, these record your speed as you go through them and the player with the highest total speed wins, however, as soon as the first player crosses the finish line, other players lose points from their speed count, so being first still matters.
  • Tollbooth: Tollbooths are the Time Trials of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, they work in giving a time limit to reach the next Tollbooth on a sprint track and when the player passes the tollbooth, a new time is posted for the next one.

[edit] Pursuit Milestones

  • Bounty: In this Milestone, the player must reach a certain amount of bounty within the pursuit. Bounty increases with pursuit time and with the damaging and destruction of police vehicles.
  • Cost To State: The player must reach a certain amount of Cost to State in a single pursuit, this means destroying and damaging anything possible, cop cars, signs, civilian cars.
  • Trade Paint: A trade paint milestones involves damaging a certain amount of police cars. A slight bump to putting the car out of commission, any contact between the cop car and player car counts.
  • Infractions: The Infractions Milestone is just recording a certain amount of infractions within a pursuit. See list of them below.
  • Pursuit Time Challenge: Player must stay in a pursuit for longer than a specified time, then evade. Getting this Milestone could involve toying with the cops, instead of evading as soon as possible.
  • Pursuit Evasion: Evade a pursuit within a time limit, needing to evade the pursuit quickly. This can be done easily by having a secondary car with a low heat level as lower heats are much easier to evade.
  • Roadblock Challenge: To obtain this milestone the player must avoid/break through a certain amount of roadblocks before evading.
  • Spike Strip Challenge: Same thing as the Roadblock Challenge, only avoiding Spike Strips instead of Roadblocks.
  • Photo Tickets: These milestones don't give as much bounty as the other ones do for each racer, and aren't achieved in a pursuit. Photo Tickets involve a similar thing to a Speedtrap race found in the open world, where the player must exceed a certain speed on a point on the map.

[edit] Pursuit Infractions

  • Hit and Run: Crash into a civilian car.
  • Speeding: Drive with a speed in excess of 150MPH (240km/h).
  • Excessive Speeding: Drive with a speed in excess of 180MPH (290km/h).
  • Reckless Driving: Drive with a speed in excess of 200MPH (320km/h).
  • Ramming a Police Vehicle: Trade paint with a police car, a certain amount of force in the collision may be required.
  • Driving off Roadway: Driving off the road, on the grass, car park, golf course, etc.
  • Damage to Property: Destroy anything. Signs, rubbish bins, gas stations, etc.
  • Resisting Arrest: Enter the cooldown mode of the pursuit.

[edit] Story

The game starts out as you are challenging the Blacklist rival No. 15, or Razor. After handing Mia the pink slip, you enter a cut scene showing the race and you being chased by heat level 1 cops. After the cut scene, you are put into the race, racing for maybe about a minute then it takes you back to 6 weeks ago, when you first entered Rockport.

After you meet Mia, you look for a racer, that racer being later Blacklist rival No. 3, Ronnie. After you beat Ronnie, Razor will confront you and have you race Bull. After you beat Bull, you finally race Razor. This brings up the earlier cut scene you saw. You race for until Mia comes up on the phone, saying that you left a huge oil spill at the starting line. Then when you engine gives up, you lose your BMW M3 GTR to Razor. After this, you come out from prison and Mia shows you the city. Then you go find you a brand new car at the car lot.

Your choices are:

  • Fiat Punto
  • Lexus IS 300
  • Chevrolet Cobalt SS
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI (Only affordable at start of game if you have a game save of NFS Underground 2 that gives an extra $10,000)

Once you have chosen your car you drive back to a safehouse where you meet Mia. She explains the blacklist to you and you learn that the only way to get your car back is to work your way up to the top of the blacklist and beat Razor.

[edit] Car List

A screenshot of gameplay

[edit] Blacklist Members

[edit] Black Edition

Black Edition cover

The Black Edition of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a Collector's Edition of the game. It features extras and bonuses expanded onto the normal version. Some of the extras are:

  • 2 Exclusive Vehicles, a '67 Camaro and a BMW M3 GTR available to play in Quick Play mode straight out of the box.
  • 3 Exclusive Races
  • Pursuit Challenge featuring the most aggressive tactics from police.
  • Bonus DVD

[edit] Soundtrack

  • Styles of Beyond - Nine Thou (Superstars Remix)
  • T.I. Presents the P$C - Do Ya Thang
  • Rock - I Am Rock
  • Suni Clay - In A Hood Near You
  • The Perceptionists - Let's Move
  • Juvenile - Sets Go Up
  • Hush - Fired Up
  • DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo feat. Chuck D - B-Side Wins Again
  • Celldweller feat. Styles of Beyond - Shapeshifter (EP)
  • Lupe Fiasco - Tilted
  • Ils - Feed The Addiction
  • Celldweller - One Good Reason
  • DJ Hyper - We Control
  • Static-X - Skinnyman
  • Dieselboy + Kaos - Barrier Break
  • Disturbed - Decadence
  • The Prodigy - You'll Be Under My Wheels
  • The Roots and BT - Tao Of The Machine (Scott Humphrey's Remix)
  • Stratus - You Must Follow (Evol Intent VIP)
  • Mastodon - Blood And Thunder
  • Evol Intent, Methods of Mayhem & Thinktank - Broken Sword
  • Bullet for My Valentine - Hand Of Blood
  • Paul Linford and Chris Vrenna - The Mann
  • Avenged Sevenfold - Blinded In Chains
  • Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should (Timo Maas Remix)
  • Paul Linford and Chris Vrenna - Most Wanted Mash Up

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