Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
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NFS Hot Pursuit Cover
Developer(s)Criterion Games
Release DatesNovember 16, 2010
ModesSingle Player
PlatformsPC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone


[edit] Overview

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit turns away from realistic driving like Need for Speed: Shift and towards the style of the original Hot Pursuit games. It focuses on the battle between Racers and Cops within the region of Seacrest County. Choose to be the racer or the cop, trying to get to the top level of each path's rankings.

Hot Pursuit like previous titles includes some of the most exclusive cars in the world and features heavily with high speed pursuits. It brings a wide range of cars and tracks to the table, and heaps of new features never before seen in the series such as Autolog.

[edit] Gameplay

The career mode of Hot Pursuit it begins with a map of Seacrest County and gives icons of different locations within the area. Each location is either a Racer location (where you play as a racer) or a Cop location (where you play as the cop). From here, several races, pursuits and other events come under each icon which are unlocked over time by completing other events in the career mode.

There is no story in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, just one single aim, get to the top. As you play through the game and get bounty either side you're on, you move up the ranks of both Racer and Cop from Speeder to Most Wanted and Cadet to Ultimate Enforcer respectively.

As you gain in level and bounty accumulated, cars and gadgets become unlocked. When driving as either cop or racer, sometimes you will get to play with some gadgets and weapons depending on the event type.

With Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, there is a free roam option, however it is not essential as it was in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and is only there to mess around. Events can not be entered from the free roam, and no damage will occur to the car despite how many times or how severely it is crashed. Some damage will be shown in the cutscene, but afterwards the car is brand new again.

Greying effect of screen from damage.

Damage plays a very important part in Hot Pursuit and acts as the determining factor for busting racers where in Hot Pursuit 2 and Most Wanted it was getting the racer to stop and not letting them get away. Here, as a cop you must cause as much damage to racer cars as you can, and take as little as you can, if you take too much, your car will be wrecked and the event will end, as a racer the same thing applies, to take out a cop, damage their car, and avoid damage to yours. As the car takes more damage, the screen will grey out and a critical damage warning will pop up if damage gets too much.

A title from Criterion Games, who are most noted for their Burnout series, Hot Pursuit features spectacular crashes as did the developers well known series, each severe crash will have a cut scene to show details of the crash allowing players to awe at the carnage or just have that satisfactory warm feeling of crashing the world's most expensive and exclusive sports cars and treating the way they weren't intended.

[edit] Event Types

There are two different classes of events within the game, they are the Racer Events and the Cop Events.

[edit] Racer Events

  • Race: Just an average race, no cops or weapons, just make it to the line first.
  • Duel: In this event it's just two racers, no cops or weapons.
  • Time Trial: In a Time Trial event, pick a car and get to the finish as fast as possible. No other racers, just a time to beat.
  • Preview: This is a time trial except that there's no choice of car, and it will always be on in the next tier up.
  • Hot Pursuit: This is basically a race event, only now there's cops trying to shut down the race, they'll have weapons to use, and so will the racers in some cases. Make it to the finish first and don't get caught.
  • Gauntlet: A Gauntlet event is a time trial event, only with cops involved, so beat the cops and the clock to win this event.

[edit] Cop Events

  • Hot Pursuit: In this event there's just one cop, trying to take out all the racers before they cross the finish line. There's weapons at their disposal to help take out the racers.
  • Interceptor: One cop, one racer. There's only one racer, and it's not on a race track so they can go wherever they please. There's not an amount of racers to bust, but a time limit to bust them in.
  • Rapid Response: The Cop's version of the Racer's Time Trial event. Get to the destination within in the time limit, beware though, crashes cause time penalties, so careful driving is also needed.
  • Preview: Very similar to the Rapid Response event except it's with only one pre-determined vehicle from a series you haven't unlocked yet.

[edit] New Features

[edit] Autolog

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit introduces the new Autolog feature. The Autolog acts as a social network for the game, allowing players to post times, start matches and other things, see the main Autolog page for details.

[edit] Weapons and Gadgets

Hot Pursuit sometimes will give players gadgets and weapons to play with during an event. They all have different purposes and can be very helpful if used correctly. As the player progresses through career mode upgrades will apply to the weapons, such as Helicopters carrying more fuel and spike strips, EMPs take less time to target, etc.

A car being hit with the EMP

[edit] Both Racers and Cops

  • EMP: Both Racers and Cops have access to the EMP weapon in Hot Pursuit. It requires a lock onto the target, and then the target to stay in range, and the Line of Sight of the player who used it. It will shut down the opponents car so for cops, it makes for an easy bust, for racers, can take cops out to make the race a little easier.
  • Spike Strips: While spike strips have been featured in other Need for Speed games such as Most Wanted, they haven't been like this. In the older Need for Speed titles, a spike strip was similar to a roadblock, where it would be set up ahead of the target and wait for them to pass it, in Hot Pursuit, it works a little differently. Now, spike strips are designed to pop out of the back of your car to take out the guys behind you. Good for cops to take out a racer behind them, and the racer uses it the exact same way to get a cop off their back.

[edit] Racer Exclusives

  • Jammer: The Jammer is only available to the Racers in Hot Pursuit. It shuts down other players weapons and gadgets, negates any impending EMPs and it will shut down the cops radars and minimaps. Very nice to stop those EMPs or stop the cops (or opponents) from using their weapons, also great evade to the cops, trigger it, turn around into a shortcut or use at intersections to confuse the cops.
  • Turbo: Turbo is like NOS, just much better. It gives an insane boost of speed to the user allowing them to pull away from opponents or cops, also if needed, can be used to catch up.

[edit] Cop Exclusives

  • Roadblocks: Roadblocks, not new, featured in many Need for Speed games, a roadblock is set up ahead of the racer and then awaits the racer to crash into the roadblock either slowing them to let the cops catch up or stop them completely, either way, if a racer doesn't know how to get past them, they could end up with lots of damage.
  • Helicopter: The helicopter will track down fleeing racers if they're too far ahead or have gone off-road. The helicopter will also drop spikes of its own attempting to slow down the racer too.

[edit] Car List

The car list for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit can be found here. It includes which cars are available as Cop cars and Racer cars.

[edit] Trivia

  • Arms Race is an Event in the Game, which is a Reference to the Halo 3 live action trailer of the same name.

[edit] Gallery

A showcase of images for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, most of them in game screenshots.

[edit] Soundtrack

  • The Resist Stance – Bad Religion
  • Cinema – Benny Benassi feat. Garry Go
  • Conscience Killer – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Opposite of Adults – Chiddy Bang
  • Sofi Needs A Ladder – Deadmaus feat. Sofi
  • All The Same – Does It Offend You, Yeah?
  • Giant Song – Funeral Party
  • Live Like You Wanna Live – Greenskeepers
  • Bombshock – Hadouken!
  • Get A Rise – Killa Kela
  • Echoes – Klaxons
  • Twin Flames – Klaxons
  • Stronger – Lazee feat. Dead By April
  • Big Weekend – Lemonade
  • Shining Down – Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos
  • Groove Me – Maximum Balloon feat. Theophilus London
  • Born Free – M.I.A.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah – New Politics
  • Watercolour – Pendulum
  • Nothing From You (Redanka Remix) – Pint Shot Riot
  • Stay Too Long (Pendulum Remix) – Plan B
  • Devil’s Music – Teddybears
  • Superbad (11:34) – Travie McCoy
  • Divisive (Tom Starr Remix) – We Have Band
  • Bigger Than Us – White Lies

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