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Hector Domingo, or Ming, is number 6 on the Blacklist.


[edit] Bio

This here is Ming. He prides himself on keeping his ride looking stock. He's fast and shreds radar traps everywhere he can. He's the straight goods. Word is the guy his ride came from some rich cat who talked when he should have been listening. Don't take him on until you're ready.

Ming drives the stock-looking Lamborghini Gallardo, but it has pretty good speed. His pursuit strength is Photo Tickets.

[edit] Stats

[edit] Boss Prerequisites

Race Wins: 7
Completed Milestones: 4
Total Bounty: $2,300,000

[edit] Race Tracks

Sprint: West Park & Lyons / Hwy 201 & Lyons / Bond & Country Club
Drag: Riverside & Terrace
Lap Knockout: Coastal / Rosewood Hillcrest
Speedtrap: Boardwalk / Hwy 99 & Campus
Tollbooth: Interchange & Tunnel / Penitentiary / Hwy 201 & Forest

[edit] Boss Races

Circuit: Little Italy
Speedtrap: North Bay & College
Cash Prize: $28,000
This racer is part of the Blacklist in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Preceded by
Kira Nakazato 'Kamekaze'
This is the 6th racer in
the Blacklist
Succeeded by
Wes Allen 'Webster'

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