Lexus IS-F

[edit] Styling

The Lexus IS-F is styled on the recent model, the Lexus IS 250/Is 220d. The car has been specially designed to be aerodynamic and stylish, boasting an impressive quad-exhaust system and a mean bodykit. It looks good.


[edit] Comparing

It is said that the only rival car to the IS-F is the Bmw M3 Saloon. They both have four doors, huge wheels and amazing performance, yet the Lexus is much to heavy. This means it is slower in a drag race against an M3, and not so good in the corners either.


[edit] Official Specification

0-60mph 4.2 seconds

1/4 mile 12.7 seconds @ 114mph

Top Speed 172 mph (Limiter off)

Braking (70-0mph) 159 feet

Horsepower 416 bhp @ 6600rpm

Torque 371lb-ft @5200 rpm

Engine DOHC 32-valve Cylinders V8 Size 4969 cc

Engine Location Front Engine

Transmission 8-speed auto w/ manual shift available

Drive Rear wheel drive

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