Kempton Docks


Another long circuit race that the Muscle class will do well on. It is easy to drive and there is only one point where it is difficult. This is where you race Angie

[edit] Useful Shortcuts and Pursuit Breakers

[edit] Shortcuts

1. Right at the start, on the right. I wouldn't use the second part of it.

2. Just before the long straight, look for a small ally on the right.

3. After the 3rd Pursuit Breaker, look for a shortcut on the exit of the hairpin.

[edit] Pursuit Breakers

1. On the straight after the fuel station, look out for the water tower on the right.

2. Near the end of the longest straight, watch out for a tyre station the the left.

3. After the hairpin there is some scaffolding on the left.

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