Ford Mustang GT

[edit] Need for Speed: Carbon

It's pretty much one of the worst Tier 2 cars in the game. For the same price, a stunning Elise can be bought. And it can be tuned to have incredible stats, including the same acceleration as the Mustang GT.

Tier 2 Rating - 3/5

Tier 3 Rating - 2/5

[edit] Need For Speed: Pro Street

Ford mustangGT06.jpg

[edit] Stats

Tier - 3
Cost - 32,000
Top Speed - 145 MPH
0-60 MPH - 5.0 seconds
0-100 MPH - 10.1 seconds
Drive train- Rear wheel drive
Horsepower- [email protected] 6,189 RPM
Torque- [email protected] 3,162 RPM

[edit] Verdict: ****

The Drag King's car, and a very good car at that. It's Very fast in a straight line and can go round corners and come out with amazing acceleration. It's a great car for Drag, Speed, and Grip events.

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[edit] Need for Speed: Undercover

The Mustang GT is a car you can win from the Tri City Tournament, but its acceleration is pretty bad while only having average handling and top speed.

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