Ford GT


[edit] Need for Speed: Carbon

They call it an Exotic, but in reality, it's a Muscle. It has great stats all around, but it's weaker than the Murcielago, M3 GTR, Carrera GT, SLR McLaren, R8 Le Mans Quattro, CCX, Lancer EVO IX MR-Edition, Corvette ZO6, 911 Turbo, Skyline GT-R (R34), Viper SRT-10, and the Zonda F. It's still one of the best cars in the game, though.

Tier 3 Rating - 5/5

[edit] Need for Speed: Pro Street

Ford gt.jpg

[edit] Stats

Tier - 3
Cost - 150,000
Top Speed - 200 MPH
Drivetrain - RWD
Max Power - 550 BHP @ 8,429 RPM
Max Torque - 500 LB. FT. @ 2,866 RPM

[edit] Verdict: *****

The third most expansive car on the game, and it is worth it. On Speed races it is very hard to drive, but if you keep the Suspension at Stock, it is an excellent Speed car. Plenty of power means that it can be used in Drag and Grip events with good results.

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