Editing cheat sheet


[edit] Editing Cheat Sheet

Are you new to this wiki? Do you have little or no idea on how to work this?Well This cheat sheet will help you get to know some of the basic codes. To Practice these

PLEASE GO TO THE SandBox. The SandBox Is a place where you can test out these codes for yourself. But your edits in the SandBox will not count toward your contributions to the Need for speed Neowiki. So lets get Started.

[edit] Formats

The most commonly used wiki tags are bold and italics. Bolding and italicizing are done by surrounding a word or phrase with multiple apostrophes ('):

'''Bold''' | Bold


''italic'' | italic


'''''bold & italic'''' | bold & italic

[edit] Links


[[Name of page|Text to display]] | Text to display

[edit] External links


[http://www.example.org Text to display] | Text to display

[http://www.example.org] | [1]

http://www.example.org | http://www.example.org

[edit] Section Headings

(Note: These levels go to 1 though 5 in descending order.)

== Level 1 ==

=== Level 2 ===

==== Level 3 ====

===== Level 4 =====

====== Level 5 ======

===Bulleted list=== {NEEDS TO BE DEBUGGED}

*One | *One

*Two | *Two

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