Eddie use a Brown Metalic Skyline whit a vinil as his crew saying: EASTSIDERZ whit a dragon in it.

Eddie crews are challenged in the race 100 or more and you face Eddie in the race 111/111 in a sprint race.

If you want Eddie car you will need to get 3,000,000 style points, however its not great it has the same engine,nitrous, etc. It has a great design and it cannot be copyied, This are the things to copy it but whitout the EASTSIDERZ vinil.


Mantis Wide Body Kit Supernova Spoiler


Brown metalic 3 or 4 place of 1st line.

Decals: Right and Left door: Hood Decals: KENWOOD KENWOOD NX NX HKS SPARCO, NOTE: Its in middle place and SPARCO decal SPARCO its on the 4th place decal of hood.

NOTE: I know it cannot be understand decals so try to copy it by checking it.

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