Drifting is a type of race featured in most of the recent Need for Speeds. You have to get as many points as possible.

[edit] Need For Speed: Underground 2

In Need for Speed: Underground 2, there was two types of drifting. The enclosed circuit and "Downhill drifting" that is very similar to the canyon drifting in carbon.

  • Enclosed Circuit

Drifting in an enclosed circuit track is basically like racing a circuit race. Drift closer to the edges of the tracks to earn more drift points.

  • Downhill Drifting

Downhill Drifting, also known as Touge in Japan, is like a sprint race. Drift around cars and along the edges to gain more drift points.

[edit] Need For Speed: Carbon

In Need for Speed: Carbon, there were two types of drift events. The first was drifting on an enclosed circuit and the second type is drifting in the Canyon.

[edit] Points

You are given points for drifting with more angle and more speed. On Need for Speed: ProStreet you are given points for doing certain things during drifts.

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