Crew are a feature introduced in Need for Speed: Carbon. You pick a maximum of 3 wing men and one will accompany you to most of your races. Each wing man will give you a different race and career bonus. This can range form performance discounts to reducing heat in zones you own.

[edit] The Wingmen

[edit] Neville

Neville joins you from the start, his car depends on you cars class & tier.

[edit] Sal

Sal Joins you after 3-5 races, like Neville his car depends on yours.

[edit] Yumi

Yumi Is unlocked after you beat Kenji, she will always have a Tuner car.

[edit] Colin

Colin joins you after you defeat Wolf, he always has an Exotic car.

[edit] Samson

Samson will always drive a Muscle car, he joins you after you beat Angie.

[edit] Nikki

Nikki will join you after you have beaten all the first 3 bosses, she always drives a Ford GT no matter what your car is.

[edit] Types of wing men

There are 3 different types of wing men:

[edit] Blockers

They try to ram your competition off the road. Samson and Neville are the blockers on the game.

[edit] Drafters

They line up your car behind them and you get in their slipstream to get a boost of speed. Nikki and Colin are the drafters.

[edit] Scouts

They try to find all the shortcuts on the track and show you where they are. Sal and Yumi are the scouts.

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