Condo Row


This is one of the first tracks you will come across is you pick Exotic at the start. There is only 2 or 3 challenging corners in the whole track. It is 5.1 miles long.

[edit] Useful Shortcuts and Pursuit Breakers

[edit] Pursuit Breakers

1. On the exit of the first right hander you will see 4 pillars to hit on the left. (This sometimes might not work.)

2. Near the end of the lap after the hairpins you will see a tall sign on the inside of the right hander.

[edit] Shortcuts

1. After the fist long straight, keep right after you have turned the corner and look for a tall fence on the right.

2.Just after the second Pursuit Breaker, keep to the right and take the path through and try to use the second part of it as well.

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