Chinatown Tram


This track is based in Downtown and is first controlled by Bushido. The track is very low speed at the start, but is fast near the end.

[edit] Useful Shortcuts and Pursuit breakers

[edit] Pursuit Breakers

28%- Just after the long straight, turn left into the tyre.

36%- When you leave Chinatown for the second time, crash into the house on the left on the straight.

48%-On the right turn after the hairpin, keep to the right and crash into the sign.

82%- Outside the church, hit the wooden shelter.

[edit] Shortcuts

41%- At the end of the long straight, turn sharply to the left with speedbreaker.

53%- Just after the left hander after the last Pursuit Breaker, you will see a shortcut on the right.

62%- Just after you leave the main city, turn right before the corner.

74%- When you get to kings park, turn right before the corner.

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