Bowen Avenue


This is a speedtrap race in Silverton. It is 3.5 miles long and is quite hard to win. To give your self a good chance, you should try to get a good lead down the first straight by using Nitrous.

[edit] Useful Shortcuts and Pursuit Breakers

[edit] Pursuit Breakers

1. On the right when you come to the first corner, you will see a tall sign.

2. Just before the 4th speedtrap when you are going through a small and twisty road, you will see a pole in the middle of it.

3. Near the very end of the circuit, look for another tall sign on the inside of the corner.

[edit] Shortcuts

1. At the same time as the first Purusit Breaker, use speedbreaker to get to the shortcut on the left.

2. When you have gone past the second speedtrap, look for a pink building on the left and drive through it.

3. When you come to the construction site, go straight on and not off to the right.

4. After the 3rd speedtrap, look for a shortcut on the right.

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