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Karl Smit, or Baron, contains the 10th Blacklist spot and is awaiting your challenge.


[edit] Bio

This flake calls himself "Baron". He's a rich guy from the coast. He thinks garage custom is an excuse for being broke. As far as he's concerned, "If it's not name brand, it's nothing." Go show him what home grown rides can do.

The rich guy Baron drives his very own Porsche Cayman S. Baron's racing strength is a police chase strength: Infractions.

[edit] Stats

[edit] Boss Prerequisites

Race Wins: 5
Completed Milestones: 4
Total Bounty: $500,000

[edit] Race Tracks

Sprint: Boundary & Marina / Stadium & Hwy 1
Circuit: Hospital Switchback
Lap Knockout: Ocean Hills / Bayshore
Speedtrap: North Bay & Seaside
Tollbooth: Hwy 99 & Union / Waterfront & Bristol

[edit] Boss Races

Drag: Harbor & Ocean
Sprint: North Bay & Harbor
Cash Prize: $12,000
This racer is part of the Blacklist in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Preceded by
Lou Park 'Big Lou'
This is the 10th racer in
the Blacklist
Succeeded by
Eugene James 'Earl'

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