BMW M3 E46


[edit] Need For Speed: Prostreet

Bmw m3 e46.jpg
Game AppearencesPro Street, Undercover
Top Speed155 MPHMPH
0-60MPH5.0 secs
Engine Displacment-

[edit] Stats

Tier: 3
Cost- 38,000
0-100- 11.6 seconds
Drive train- Rear wheel drive
Horsepower- [email protected] 7,938 RPM
Torque- [email protected] 4,765 RPM

[edit] Verdict:****

A very good car that can keep up with other cars in Grip, Drag and Speed events. A very cheap car for the performance it gives.

[edit] NFS undercover

A average tier 2 car with good acceleration and control but its top speed with pro parts isn't to great only 205 with out tuning. 1 cool thing is that you can get the most wanted and carbon design for it by going on the manufacture vinyls. If you want to pretend its NFS most wanted continued then you might like this car. In performance its ok but tuning its top speed up a little bit is recommended.

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