[edit] Overview

The Autolog is a social network within the world of Need for Speed. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the first game in the series to feature Autolog, and the upcoming Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed is set to feature it as well.

[edit] Features of Autolog

Here are some of the features within the Autolog.

[edit] Wall

The wall acts as a message board allowing the players to communicate with each other, share photos and other things from within the game. It allows players to see how their friends are doing, what races they've done. When gameplay objects are placed on the wall, it allows others to go straight into the event from the wall.

[edit] Autolog Recommends

Autolog recommends events for the player to partake in depending on what their friends have been doing. It shows them races that that have been beaten in, that their friends are competing for the best time in, and allows the player to jump right in.
Main Autolog screen as seen in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

[edit] NFS News

NFS News is the place for all news within the Need for Speed world, allowing easy access to the latest news straight from the Autolog.

[edit] NFS Store

Purchases can be made from within the Autolog for the game.

[edit] Video

A video of Matt Webster, producer at Criterion Games discussing the features of Autolog in NFS: Hot Pursuit.

[edit] Games to Feature Autolog

Only one released game has Autolog so far, but more with the feature are set to be released.

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