Audi S4

[edit] Need For Speed: Pro street

Audi S4
Audi s4.jpg
Game AppearencesPro Street
Top Speed155 MPH
Engine Displacment3.0 litre V6 TFSI

[edit] Stats

Tier: 2
Cost- 40,000

0-60- 5.1 seconds
0-100- 14.3 seconds
Drive train- All wheel drive
Horsepower- [email protected] 7,129 RPM
Torque- [email protected] 3,360 RPM

[edit] Verdict: ***

The Audi S4 is a good car for races. It can get around 9 seconds in Drag races if you time it right, but it won't help you against cars like the Charger R/T or the Corvette C6. So it should be used as a Grip or Speed car instead since it performs better in those events.

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