Infiniti G35

Infiniti G35
Infiniti G35a.jpg
Game AppearencesNeed For Speed: Underground 2, Need For Speed: Carbon
TierTier 2
Engine3.5 Liter V6

Need For Speed: Underground 2

In Need for Speed: Underground 2, the G35 is one of the best cars in the game. It is unlocked at the later stages of the game. It's not great looking, but it performes well in this game and it looks will soon turn around with some time in the customization shops.

Need For Speed: Carbon

Despite the fact that it was left out in Most Wanted, it is back in Carbon; but it isn't as great as it once was. Everything has fallen apart. The acceleration and handling may still be the same, but now that it's against supercars like the SLR McLaren and Carrera GT, it just doesn't stand out any more like it used to.

Tier 3 Rating - 4/5

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