A map of Bayview

Bayview is the fictional city in which Need for Speed: Underground 2 is set. It is split into 5 parts:

City Core: This is the first part of the city. It has 5 shops and is mostly made up of skyscrapers.

Beacon Hill: This is unlocked by beating the City Core section. It is made up of fast sections of road that make great racing.

Jackson Heights: This part of the city is only made up of one very small road that is very tight and hard to race on. This is where you can get into Downhill drift events.

Coal Harbor East: It is a relitively small part of the city, but an important one with lots of races. It is mostly industrial with very small and tight sections of road.

Coal Harbor West: The last part of the city that is basicly the same as Coal Harbor East.

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